An event producer works with our communities to help educate on topics related to blockchain, artificial intelligence, coding and more. A number of ingredients go into producing a successful event. They include:

  • Sourcing and booking a venue
  • Recruiting speakers and panelists
  • Marketing and production of marketing assets
  • Event day logistics management
  • Soliciting for sponsors

We produce the following events, event series and conferences:


And run the following communities:


An event producer is able to benefit in the following ways:

  • Expand their personal brand and obtain more exposure
  • Understand the market better to position your career or startup
  • Build a bigger network and meet interesting people
  • Look for their next career or pivot
  • Learn about artificial intelligence, blockchain and other subjects
  • Get access to courses for free instead of paying for them
  • Potentially share in sponsorship revenues
If you are interested in being a producer, please complete the following form and you will hear back from us