Please upload your presentation here in PowerPoint (PPTX) format only.

You can submit two types of presentations:
Distributable Presentation – The version of your presentation you are ok with distributing to attendees, possibly redacted and/or
Private Presentation – A version that you will use on stage, unredacted


In most scenarios, uploading a Distributable Presentation is sufficient. However, if you wish to either distribute a redacted version, upload the full Private Presentation and the redacted version as Distributable. The Distributable presentation will be compiled with other presentations and sent to attendees only. If you submit a Private Presentation, it will be the presentation that will be loaded on the presentation laptop when you get on stage. If you upload only the Distributable Presentation, it will be both available on the presentation laptop and sent to attendees. The Private Presentation will never be distributed and will only be available on the presentation device on the day of the event.

Max PPTX size is 150MB