Scifn (formerly Chainhaus) specializes in the intersection between AI, blockchain and finance.

We deliver courses, hold events, produce media, build products and help other great companies build their products as well.


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Convergence of DeFi, TradFi and GenAI

IMF Spring Meetings, April 20th, 2024

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Key decisions require input from a multitude of perspectives and Chainhaus helps a number of organization think through Web3 and Metaverse strategies.


We employ over 100 developers with deep competencies across web 2/3 stacks, a number of blockchain platforms and Unity.


Specializing in Python and financial techniques, our quant team can design models, LLMs or build your data pipelines.


We deliver some of the best and well attended courses in blockchain, web3, Python, data science, machine learning and more to the public and corporates.


AI+FinanceSept 8th
DEFICON® 2024March 30th, 2024


Blockchain NYC
Digital Currency Think Tank
Blockchain DC
Blockchain Boston


Our courses are considered to be the best in NYC and industry, with deeply skilled instructors, strong curriculum, support through the program and afterwards.

Certificate in Leadership in Artificial Intelligence
Certificate in Fundamentals of Financial Artificial Intelligence
Certificate in Deep Learning Development
Certificate in Machine Learning
Certificate in Prompt Engineering
Certificate in Financial Programming
Certificate in Blockchain Development
Certificate in Leadership in Blockchain
Certificate in Python Programming
Certificate in Rust Programming

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